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  • Image attributed to: Yanagida 2015 Fig 3
  • The change patterns of the cell profile of circulating lymphocytes were indentified in human co-infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and hookworm, which might indicate that the humoral and cellular immune responses are more suppressed. Image: The expressions of B and T cell subsets in different groups.

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Case report

A fatal case of acute progression of generalized edema and simultaneous flash pulmonary edema in a patient with idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome: a case report

Hirosaki Y, Hayashidani S, Ouchi S, Ohshima T, Nakano R and Yamamoto H

Journal of Medical Case Reports 2015, 9:90

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The role of red blood cells and cell-free hemoglobin in the pathogenesis of ARDS

Janz DR and Ware LB

Journal of Intensive Care 2015, 3:20

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Identifiable biomarker and treatment development using HIV-1 long term non-progressor sera

Hao Y, Bai G, Wang J, Zhao L, Sutherland K, Cai J and Cao C

BMC Immunology 2015, 16:25

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Case study

Lessons learnt from the first controlled human malaria infection study conducted in Nairobi, Kenya

Hodgson SH, Juma E, Salim A, Magiri C, Njenga D, Molyneux S, Njuguna P, Awuondo K et al.

Malaria Journal 2015, 14:182

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