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  • Intelligent control of epigenetic states

    The first review in the "Breakthroughs in clinical epigenetics" series provides an upate on synthetic epigenetics and the potential clinical applications of epigenome editing.

    Clinical Epigenetics 2015, 7:18
  • Image attributed to: credit: James Gethany

    A novel way to suppress mosquito populations

    Feeding mosquito larvae with double stranded RNA targeting both the testis and female sex determination gene has been shown to suppress population numbers, making it a good vector control tool.

    Parasites & Vectors 2015, 8:96
  • Image attributed to: wikimedia commons-vechnayamolodost.ru

    Oncolytic parvoviruses: from bench to bedside

    Dr Jean Rommelaere summarizes the antineoplastic properties of parvoviruses, and discusses the development of novel parvovirus-based anticancer strategies for clinical use.

    Virology Journal 2015, 12:6
  • MethylMix

    A method to identify differential DNA methylation patterns in 12 different cancer types

    Genome Biology 2015, 16:17
  • Unfolding the mystery of constitutive heterochromatin

    Jerome Dejardin and colleagues discuss how constitutive heterochromatin is formed and maintained at pericentromeres, in addition to new theories on heterochromatin plasticity and transciptional activity.

    Epigenetics & Chromatin 2015, 8:3

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