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  • Silencing the X chromosome

    A new protein pathway has been identified that contributes to the maintenance of X-chromosome inactivation in female mammals.

    Epigenetics & Chromatin 2014, 7:12
  • TET proteins

    Depletion of the three human TET proteins individually reveals overlapping roles for them in the conversion of 5mC to 5hmC

    Genome Biology 2014, 15:R81
  • Image attributed to: Pieces of a jigsaw

    The importance of epistasis in complex disease

    Trudy Mackay and Jason Moore argue that epistasis has been wrongly ignored in the quest to understand and predict complex human disease and explore how this situation can be changed.

    Genome Medicine 2014, 6:42
  • Mobile DNA: an evolving field

    The Editors of Mobile DNA caught up with a panel of experts to select key advances in the field of transposable elements.

    Mobile DNA 2014, 5:16
  • Image attributed to: From Fig 3D, Sun et al, BMC Cancer

    Role for lipid metabolism in glioblastoma

    Lipid metabolism enzyme ACSVL3 supports the malignant phenotype of glioblastoma cancer stem cells, promotes their ability to initiate and propagate tumors and may serve as a therapeutic target for brain cancer treatment.

    BMC Cancer 2014, 14:401

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Qing Lan

Chairman, Neurosurgical Department
2nd Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, Jaingsu, China