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  • Graph-theoretic approach to testing for stability

    GraTeLPy, is a new software application implemening a graph-theoretic approach to detect structural instabilities in biochemical reaction networks leading to multistability and oscillations, enabling users to identify the graph structures responsible for the existence of instability.

    BMC Systems Biology 2014, 8:22
  • Image attributed to: Systems Biology Institute, GNU Free Documentation Licence 1.2

    SBML qual standard for qualitative model exchange

    SBML qual, an extension to the SBML Level 3 standard, provides a standardised format for the exchange of logical models of regulatory and signalling networks, and is supported by the tools GINsim, CellNOpt, the Cell Collective, GNA and CellNetAnalyzer.

    BMC Systems Biology 2013, 7:135



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