Figure 1.

Olfactory influence on perception. The effects of an olfactory cue (male sweat) on visual sex discriminations of sexually ambiguous point-light walkers. The blue function describes average performances on the ambiguous female and male walkers in the absence of the manipulated olfactory cue. The red function describes the average performances when the cue was present. The broken black line indicates chance performance. Clearly female walkers were judged to look female more often than they were judged as being male. Male walkers, conversely, were judged as being male more often than female. The presence of male sweat increased the proportions of times both female and male walkers were judged to be male even when participants were not aware of the presence of the cue. Bars indicate ± 1 standard error.

Hacker et al. BMC Psychology 2013 1:10   doi:10.1186/2050-7283-1-10
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