Figure 2.

Cardiac MRI. Inversion-recovery prepared segmented gradient echo sequence short axis and long axis images of 3 patients with late gadolinium enhancement (A-B, C-D and E-F) and 3 patients without late gadolinium enhancement (G-H, I-J and K-L). Note the diffuse left ventricular subendocardial enhancement in LGE-positive patients and significant right ventricular involvement in the first two subjects. The dark nulled normal myocardium is located in the subepicardial portion. The dark blood pool signal in LGE-positive subjects is consistent with initial observations by Maceira, et al. [6] that they related to high myocardial uptake and fast blood washout. LV-left ventricle, RV-right ventricle, LA-left atrium, RA-right atrium, Ao-aorta, NM-nulled myocardium.

Migrino et al. BMC Medical Physics 2009 9:5   doi:10.1186/1756-6649-9-5
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