Figure 2.

Stromal and thylakoid protein levels in senescing WT, atg5 and atg7 . A) Total chlorophyll levels are shown for zone 3, zone 2 and zone 1 leaf tissue for all three genotypes. All leaves were mature fully-expanded rosette leaves that were fully green (zone 3), partially green (zone 2) or yellow (zone 1). B) Immunoblots using the indicated antibodies for zone 3, zone 2, and zone 1 tissue for all three genotypes. C-G) Pixels were quantified for three biological replicates of the experiment shown in panel B, and the relative protein abundance in mean values ± standard deviation are shown on the y-axis for each antibody as indicated. The average of zone 3 for all genotypes was set at 100% for each antibody.

Lee et al. BMC Research Notes 2013 6:17   doi:10.1186/1756-0500-6-17
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