Figure 1.

Discovering putative matches to an initial target sequence (part of Drosophila CaM-kinase, [GenBank: BT050453.1]). All bases are shown as colored blocks, using the indicated color code. The target sequence is above, with grey color indicating regions not used in the search. Each matched read is shown as a single horizontal line, located horizontally by its match position to the target sequence. Indicator color blocks at left show match orientation (normal - black, reverse complement - green) and pair end (primary - green, paired end - red). Less than half the 1,387 matching reads are shown. The reads are shown sorted into ascending match position to the target, but sorting by several other criteria, including number of matched bases, maximum identical base matches, etc. is possible.

French BMC Research Notes 2012 5:673   doi:10.1186/1756-0500-5-673
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