Additional file 6.

Single and meta-gene cutoffs. Data from single and meta-gene expression score over the GEICAM 9906 samples are plotted on the 1–10 scale. The cut-points between high, intermediate, and low classes were individually derived from the training set. Samples are color-coded according to immunohistochemistry positivity (red) or negativity (blue), except in the case of the training set proliferation score where samples are colored by high, intermediate or low proliferation class. Luminal score samples are colored as being ER+/PR+, ER + or PR + (positive, red), and ER-/PR- (negative, blue). (PDF 1524 kb)

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Bastien et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2012 5:44   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-5-44