Figure 1 .

Principal component analysis and hierarchical clustering (A) RNA-seq data. Principal Component 1 (PC1, x-axis) represents 31.4% and PC2 (y-axis) represents 22.1% of total variation in the data. Hierarchical cluster of 9 samples with heatmap representing all 9 PCs in left-to-right order. (B). Exon array data. PC1 vs. PC2 on Exon array data together representing 33.2% and 21.8% of the data variability. Hierarchical clustering shows similarities to that in A, e.g. sample C4 departs strongly from remaining data, samples C3, C5 appear to be neighbors in both data sets.

Raghavachari et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2012 5:28   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-5-28
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