Figure 5.

Correlation between copy number gains and overexpression of 31 genes at 8q11.1-q24.3. The genes were arranged in chromosomal order (pā€‰ā†’ā€‰q). An unsupervised hierarchical clustering of 50 gastric tissues with 32 genes overexpressed in gastric cancer samples (T) and underexpressed in matched adjacent noncancerous samples (N) revealed two distinct clusters (on the right). The genes included MCM4, PRKDC, UBE2V2, LYPLA1, LYN, CHCHD7, RAB2, GGH, SULF1, LACTB2, SLC10A5, PTDSS1, INTS8, LAPTM4B, PPM2C, RPL30, ATP6V1C1, SLC25A32, YWHAZ, ZNF706, CTHRC1, ENY2, RAD21, EIF3S3, MAL2, FAM91A1, FBXO32, SQLE, MYC, GPR172A, SIAHBP1, and GRINA (lack of aCGH data).

Cheng et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2012 5:14   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-5-14
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