Table 2

Number of tumor patients in each of the four NSCLC subtypes and the cell lines selected to represent each subtype.


Number of tumors

Representative Cancer Cell Lines for each subtype

Cluster A


HCC827, NCI-H1437, NCI-H1563, NCI-H1568, NCI-H1623, NCI-H1651, NCI-H1693, NCI-H1755, NCI-H1793, NCI-H1838, NCI-H1944, NCI-H1975, NCI-H1993, NCI-H2023, NCI-H2073, NCI-H2085, NCI-H2087, NCI-H2122, NCI-H2126, NCI-H2228, NCI-H2291, NCI-H23, NCI-H2342, NCI-H2347, NCI-H647, NCI-H920, NCI-H969, CLS-54, LX-289, SK-LU-1, H2882, Calu-6, H358, H460

Cluster B


NCI-H2405, NCI-H522, SK-MES-1, H157, H1819, H2009, H2887, HCC1171, HCC1359, HCC15, HCC193, HCC366, HCC461, HCC515, HCC78, HOP-62, HOP-92, NCI-H266

Cluster C


A549, Calu-3, NCI-H1734, NCI-H838, HCC95

Cluster D


Lu et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2010 3:23   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-3-23

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