Figure 1.

Study design. Sample allocation for SAMs 1–4. Five patient samples (IDs 45, 165, 565, 133 and 919) and four cell lines (HeLa, PC3, 293 and MCF-7) were utilized. Two replicates (200 ng) of each cell line RNA were assayed in SAM 1–4 (last row in each figure). In each SAM, patient IDs are shown above each column, and RNA input along each row. Blank wells contained other RNA samples not used in the present analysis. The key beside each SAM indicates samples, extraction and RNA input used. In SAM 1, two separate RNA extractions of each of the colon cancer tumors were assayed in duplicate at both 100 ng and 200 ng. In Sam 2, 25 ng–800 ng (200–800 ng each in duplicate) RNA input from extraction 1 were run for two patient IDs (45 and 565), while 200 ng was run for the other patient IDs. In SAM 3, 200 ng was run for each of the 5 colon cancer samples, each in duplicate. SAM 4 contained only the four cell line RNA.

Cunningham et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2009 2:57   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-2-57
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