Figure 3.

Detailed workout of CHD1. (a) Query sequence CHD1 is scanned for the potential template hits. (b) Computation of the corresponding neural response. (c) Calculation of pair wise neural response N(p, qj) viz. (CHD1-AAAS), (CHD1-CHD2) and (CHD1-CDV3). (d) Database of pre-computed neural response for the base dataset. (e) The pair wise pair wise neural response vectors are fed to the mapping function using a Gaussian kernel to generate a value ranging from 0 to 1. (f) Proteins in the base dataset ate sorted in descending order based on their similarity (f(N(i, j))) to the query protein. (g) GO term GO:0005524 of CHD2, with high mapping score is assigned to CHD1.

Yalamanchili et al. BMC Systems Biology 2012 6(Suppl 1):S19   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-6-S1-S19