Figure 9.

Effect of different input concentration values. Surface graphs that explore the behaviour of the circuit for different logic “1” and “0” concentrations. For each pair of logic “0” (x axis) and logic “1” (y axis) the experiments shown in Figures 3 and 8 are performed, and the cumulative values of Out and I2 over time are recorded. Those values are depicted in two ways: (1) colour surface (greyscale) with a linear scale from 0 to 700 (low precision as mean values are shown for intervals), and (2) contour lines (colour) with a logarithmic scale for detail behaviour. Output values (surface) shown in arbitrary units corresponding to the cumulative value.

Goñi-Moreno and Amos BMC Systems Biology 2012 6:126   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-6-126
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