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Supplementary Methods, Tables and Figures. The Supplementary Methods describe further analyses of fear phenotypes in the HMDP and gene regulation hotspots from the eQTL mapping. Supplementary Tables are Table S1, Classification of quantified behavioral phenotypes; Table S2, Top 100 cis eQTLs in hippocampus; Table S3, Top 100 cis eQTLs in striatum; Table S4, Gene co-expression modules; Table S5, Functional classification for genes in context fear module 1; Table S6, Functional classification for genes in context fear module 2. Supplementary Figures are Figure S1, Cluster dendrogram by behavioral phenotype across HMDP; Figure S2, Mapped locus for cue immobility on chromosome 7; Figure S3, QTL plots for 48 tested behavioral phenotypes after EMMA correction for population structure; Figure S4, Hippocampus eQTLs; Figure S5, Striatum eQTLs; Figure S6, Hippocampus module-trait correlations; Figure S7, Striatum module-trait correlations; Figure S8, Striatum NEO results.

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Park et al. BMC Systems Biology 2011 5:43   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-5-43