Figure 5.

Results for the MC analysis for all available network reconstructions sorted by the size of the wild type MC. Notation: network* - linked reactions with an overlap in the underlying gene set have been omitted; network** - only linked reactions are included, where both are associated with single non-overlapping genes; iAF1260man - currency metabolites have been removed manually; iAF1260deg - currency metabolites have been removed by degree threshold; iAF1260 - the untreated network (KEGG and EcoCyc are per construction free of currency metabolites); in the following (k) denotes slice number k in the chart. (1) EcoCyc, (2) EcoCyc*, (3) Intersection of EcoCyc and KEGG networks, (4) Intersection of EcoCyc and iAF1260man, (5) , (6) iAF1260man obtained from FBA (rich medium), (7) iAF1260man, (8) EcoCyc**, (9) KEGG*, (10) iAF1260*, (11) iAF1260deg, (12) , (13) Flux-coupling network (fully coupled), (14) KEGG, (15) Intersection of KEGG and iAF1260man, (16) Intersection of EcoCyc, KEGG and iAF1260man, (17) KEGG**, (18) Flux-coupling network (fully and directionally coupled), (19) , (20) iAF1260**, (21) Flux-coupling network (directionally coupled), (22) iAF1260, (23) iAF1260*.

Sonnenschein et al. BMC Systems Biology 2011 5:40   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-5-40
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