Figure 5.

Validation of predicted key drivers by testing the enrichment of siRNA hit signatures in various gene sets. Two siRNA hit signatures, V1 (an across cell line signature with 216 genes) and V2 (with 484 genes as a union of the signatures across cell lines and from the individual cell lines), were tested for enrichment in the following gene sets: the genes not on the recurrent regions (nonRR), the genes on the amplified ICNV regions (RR Gain), the non-driver genes (non Drivers) on the amplified regions, the drivers (global and local), the local drivers and the global drivers. The drivers and non-drivers were based on the key driver analysis on the amplified regions and the Bayesian network. A) and B) shows the fold enrichment of V1 and V2 signatures in the gene sets, respectively. The genes on the recurrent ICNV regions are more than twice more likely to enriched for the siRNA signatures than the genes not on the recurrent regions while the global drivers has the highest likelihood (7.8 and 5.9), followed by the drivers (6.8 and 5.4), the local drivers (4.8 and 4.4), and the non drivers (2 and 1.7).

Tran et al. BMC Systems Biology 2011 5:121   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-5-121
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