Figure 5.

Sensitivity of the auxin distribution pattern to parameter and initial data variations. a.-c. The 1D minimal model analysis to variations of parameters α (a.-b.) and K0 (c.) that model changes in auxin flow from the shoot and treatment with auxin transport inhibitors, respectively. Oscillatory solutions of the model marked by dashed lines. b. When auxin flow from the shoot is too high, we observe unstable fluctuations of auxin concentration in the middle of the root. The curves correspond to unstable solutions calculated at equal time intervals. d.-f. The 1D extended model behavior under an increase in the auxin flow from the shoot when simulating the root growth. g.-j. Simulation of the experiment on QC laser ablation or root tip cut. g. Scheme of the in silico experiment on root tip cut. A qualitative correspondence of the model solutions to the auxin distribution pattern before and after the cut are shown. h.-j. Computer simulation of the changes in auxin distribution after the cut for the first seven cells. The curves are calculated for the provascular layer j = 4 and are numbered in the order the model solutions were obtained as the 2D minimal model approached the stationary state. In all plots, the x axis shows the cell number and the y axis, auxin concentration in concentration units (cu).

Mironova et al. BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:98   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-98
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