Figure 5.

Plate diagrams of the two Interaction Component Models. (A) Plain ICM. Each interaction is assumed to have been generated from a component z, by sampling the end points i and j independently from the multinomial distribution ϕz. (B) Extension (ICMg2) with gene expression data xi in the nodes; the lower part of the plate is the same as in (A). Node data xi are assumed to have been generated from the same components z as the interactions, by sampling each node i in the data from ϕz and then its gene expression profile from the normal distribution N (μz, σ2I). Symbols: multinomial distribution θ over components, component-specific multinomial distributions ϕz over nodes, distribution hyperparameters α and β, prior and component-specific means μ0 and μz, prior and shared noise standard deviations σ0 and σ, number of components C, links N and nodes M.

Parkkinen and Kaski BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:4   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-4
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