Figure 7.

Comparison of ChemCell and dDSSA simulations, portraying Scenarios 7 to 9. (a, c, e) Single runs of ChemCell and dDSSA trajectories and (b, d, f) total relative error when compared with ChemCell. Cases correspond to Scenarios (a, b) 7 (c, d) 8 and (e, f) 9. ChemCell runs with diffusion rates of Dcyt = 10-7 cm2/sec and Dnuc = 10-9 cm2/sec for cytoplasmic and nuclear species, with the exception of DBc = 10-9 cm2/sec in Scenario 8. The considered initial conditions correspond to well-mixed molecules inside the corresponding compartment: (a) An = 1000, (c) An = Bc = 1000, (e) Ac = 1000 and Bc = 500.

Marquez-Lago et al. BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:19   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-19
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