Figure 1.

Comparison of the multistart of the generalized-quasi-Newton within single and multiple-shooting for the JAK/STAT5 pathway. Shown is the percentage of convergence to the global minimum, local minima or failure of the optimisation method using 100 restarts. The initial guess of each restart is randomly chosen from interval [0, 5] (Box 5), [0, 10] (Box 10), and [0, 100] (Box 100) using a uniform distribution. a) Noise-to-signal ratio is zero. As anticipated, multiple-shooting (right panel) performs better than single shooting (left panel). b) Same as in a), but using a noise-to-signal ratio of 10%.

Balsa-Canto et al. BMC Systems Biology 2008 2:26   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-2-26
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