Figure 8.

Distribution of E-cadherin. a-b) Virtual E-Cadherin immunofluorescence image – 2D snapshot of the agent population (light blue circles) and the E-Cadherin mediated contacts (red lines) after 50 iterations (25 hours) in a) 0.1 mM and b) 2.0 mM extracellular calcium. Original seeding density = 200 cells/mm2 c-d) actual immunofluorescence microscopy images of normal human urothelial cells cultured in 0.09 mM and 2.0 mM [Ca2+] conditions, c and d, respectively. Cells were labelled with an antibody that specifically recognises E-cadherin (green), with nuclei counterstained in blue.

Walker et al. BMC Systems Biology 2008 2:102   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-2-102
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