Figure 2.

Example of an interactive network map of a simple signalling network. (Map and model were created with ProMoT [11] and exported to CellNetAnalyzer.) Note that the red edges represent inhibition (NOT operation) and blue circles indicate logical ANDs (compare also with Table 1). In the presented scenario, receptors rec1 and rec3 are activated by external signals, whereas receptor rec2 is not. The text boxes along the (hyper)arcs display signal flows (green boxes: fixed signal prior computation; blue boxes: signal flow activating a species (signal flow is one); red boxes: no activating signal is flowing along this connection). The text boxes attached to the species represent the states of the nodes in the resulting logical steady state. Network composer and the mask for editing reactions/interactions are also shown.

Klamt et al. BMC Systems Biology 2007 1:2   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-1-2
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