Figure 2.

Histopathological features of the cerebrum of a dog with porencephaly and focal cerebellar vermis atrophy. (a) Parietal cortex: loss of normal cortical lamination, neurons in a disorganized arrangement. (b) Parietal cortex, control dog: well oriented neurons presenting a columnar organization. (c) Parietal cortex: neurons with aberrant size, disoriented position and arranged in clusters. (d) Parietal cortex: group of chromatolytic neurons. (e) Parietal cortex: large dilated degenerated neuron. (f-g) Lateral ventricle: Aspect of the ependymal lining intermittently with cuboid ciliated cells (f) or few pavimentous cells. (g) Hematoxylin and eosin. Scale bar = 200 μm (a, b), 50 μm (c, f, g), 20 μm (d, e).

Machado et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2012 8:246   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-246
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