Table 1

Summary of clinical complaint at presentation and treatments
Case Details First Scan Scan interval (months) Second Scan Change in SM lesion width (mm)
No. Age (months)/sex Clinical complaint Treatment Clinical complaint2 Treatment
1 78/female neutered Cervical hyperaesthesia Ataxia Carprofen 42 Poor control of original complaint Prednisolone 0
2 59/male neutered Dysaesthetic behaviour1 Gabapentin 5 Poor control of original complaint Gabepentin 1.4
3 13/male neutered Dysaesthetic behaviour1 Gabapentin 17 Poor control of original complaint Prednisolone 0
4 74/male neutered Cervical hyperaesthesia Gabapentin 3 Dysaesthetic behaviour1 Pregabalin 0.1
5 6/female Dysaesthetic behaviour1 Ataxia Meloxicam Gabapentin 83 Recurrent generalised seizures Phenobarbitone Gabapentin Meloxicam 3.5
6 51/male neutered Cervical hyperaesthesia Acetazolamide Meloxicam 6 Poor control of original complaint Acetazolamide Gabapentin 0.3
7 15/male Seizures Phenobarbitone 20 Recurrent generalised seizures Phenobarbitone Levetiracetam 2.2
8 67/male neutered Cervical hyperaesthesia Head tilt Ataxia Clindamycin 4 Complex partial seizures Phenobarbitone 0
9 24/female Cervical hyperaesthesia None 11 Recurrent generalised seizures Potassium Bromide 2.7
10 6/male Cervical hyperaesthesia Carprofen 37 Migrating foreign body Carprofen Prednisolone Trimethoprin-sulphonamide 1.4
11 90/male neutered Facial paresis Potentiated amoxcillin Meloxicam 3 Head tilt Enrofloxacin 0.4
12 48/female neutered Cervical hyperaesthesia Gabapentin 8 Complex partial seizures Potassium Bromide 0

Dysaesthetic behaviour included phantom scratching and facial rubbing.

Clinical complaints considered not attributable to CM/SM included seizures, head tilt, facial paresis and migrating foreign bodies.

Driver et al.

Driver et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2012 8:215   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-215

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