Table 1

Mean plasma pharmacokinetic parameters for meloxicam after IV administration at 0.5 mg/kg bodyweight determined using a two- compartment model
Parameter Units Mean Standard error
Vc mL/kg 94.88 9.04
V2 mL/kg 99.07 7.85
Vss mL/kg 193.94 10.34
CL mL/h/kg 6.64 0.76
CLD2 mL/h/kg 225.18 47.43
T½α hr 0.22 0.087
T½β hr 21.86 3.03
AUC hr*ug/mL 81.02 10.58
MRT hr 31.24 4.37
K10 1/h 0.075 0.012
K12 1/h 2.70 0.78
K21 1/h 2.20 0.39

Vc, - volume of the central compartment; V2 - volume of the peripheral compartment; Vss- apparent volume of distribution at steady-state; CL - total body clearance; CLD2: - distributional clearance from the central compartment to the peripheral compartment; T½α and T½β half-lives for the distribution phases; AUC- area under the time-concentration curve; MRT- mean residence time of the drug in the body; k12 and k21 - μ-rate constants for the drug’s movement between the central and peripheral compartments; and k10 - elimination rate constant.

Coetzee et al.

Coetzee et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2012 8:153   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-153

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