Figure 3.

Differential expression of SAα2,6-Gal (SNA lectin) and SAα2,3-Gal (MAA II lectin) receptors in the porcine intestinal tract. Composite confocal images show distribution of SAα2,6-Gal receptors (green) and SAα2,3-Gal receptors (red) with nuclear staining (blue). Representative results that show the spatial distribution of both receptor types in the duodenum (A) and colon (B, C). In duodenum, SAα2,6-Gal receptor is more abundant than SAα2,3-Gal receptor concentrated in goblet cells and along the epithelial lining (A). In colon, strong co-expression of SAα2,6-Gal and SAα2,3-Gal receptors is detected in goblet cells and on epithelial lining. Colon goblet cells at the crypts show a higher concentration of SAα2,6-Gal receptor (Cii) than those located towards the luminal surface (Bii). 1. epithelial lining, 2. goblet cell. Scale bar = 75 μm.

Nelli et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2010 6:4   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-6-4
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