Figure 4.

Estimation of the force of infection of hepatitis E virus in Japan. A. The map of three geographic locations in Japan (drawn by the authors). B. Compartment of the catalytic model. Susceptibles at age a, S(a), are infected at a rate λ and then enter into the compartment, infected, I(a). C. Schematic illustration of the time delay to seroconvert. If the time of seroconversion t0 and possible time of exposure tk are given, probability of exposure at time tk can be extracted by g(t0-tk), where g(t) is the probability density of the time required for seroconversion at t days after infection. See eqs. 9 and 10 for statistical details.

Satou and Nishiura BMC Veterinary Research 2007 3:9   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-3-9
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