Figure 7.

Akt phosphorylation in vitro. Akt phosphorylation plays a central role in a variety of oncogenic processes. (A) Quantitative analysis of phospho-Akt in MDA-MB231 cells treated with 20 μM α-mangostin showed that although total Akt showed a transient decease at 3 hour, the levels returned to the control levels. The levels of phospho-Akt-Thr308 were significantly lower at 3 hour and 6 hour, but this was not seen for phospho-Akt-Ser473, which showed large variations. (B) Western blotting showed that there were no apparent differences between control and α-mangostin-treated cells in total Akt; however, phospho-Akt-Thr308 levels tended to be lower in α-mangostin-treated cells. Phospho-Akt-Ser473 showed a tendency to be slightly lower in α-mangostin-treated cells in western blotting. Ser473: serine 473; Thr308: threonine 308

Shibata et al. BMC Medicine 2011 9:69   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-9-69
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