Figure 1.

Generation of mice deficient in Abcg8/sterolin-2. The targeted disruption strategy of Abcg8 is as shown (panel a). Southern blot analysis of BamHI digested mouse genomic DNA, probed with [32P]-randomly labelled probe resulting in a 6.0 kb band for wild type, a 2.7 kb band for homozygous and two bands of 5.9 and 2.6 kb for the heterozygote (panel b). Northern blot analysis of hepatic RNA showed a loss of Abcg8/sterolin-2 mRNA in the homozygote and decreased Abcg8/sterolin-2 mRNA in the heterozygote, although Abcg5/sterolin-1 mRNA appeared relatively unaffected in the knockout mice (panel c). Probes were approximately 1.9 kb for Abcg5 and 2 kb for Abcg8 (see Methods for more detail). RT-PCR analyses of hepatic cDNA showed no Abcg8/sterolin-2 message, downstream of exon 4 in the Abcg8-/- mice, whether primers were located in exons 4 and 13 (panel d), exons 9 and 13 or exons 10 and 13 (panel e).

Klett et al. BMC Medicine 2004 2:5   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-2-5
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