Figure 4.

Protein localization of KCNJ10 in the cochlea of Slc26a4+/+ and Slc26a4-/- mice. a: Overview of cochlea; bar = 100 μm. Compare to Fig. 1a to note the enlarged scala media and the distended Reissner's membrane. b-c: Detail of lateral wall and spiral ganglia (insert); main bar: 10 μm, insert: 5 μm. Expression of KCNJ10 in Slc26a4-/- mice was absent in stria vascularis but unchanged in spiral ganglion cells. RM, Reissner's membrane, SV, stria vascularis; SP, spiral prominence; SL, spiral ligament; LIM, spiral limbus; SG, spiral ganglion.

Wangemann et al. BMC Medicine 2004 2:30   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-2-30
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