Figure 1.

Anti-CSP antibody titre dynamics. Anti-CSP antibody titre dynamics for trials with extended follow-up for longer than one year in Mozambique [[14]], Kilifi [[23]] and Ghana [[10]]. The black bars denote the median and 95% ranges from the data. The green and blue curves denote the antibody titres predicted by equation (1) for RTS,S/AS02 and RTS,S/AS01, respectively. Dark and light shading represents 50% and 95% of the model-predicted variation in antibody titres. We estimated that 82% (95% CrI: 80% to 83%) of the RTS,S induced antibody response was short-lived with half-life 46 (95% CrI: 43 to 49) days, the rest being long-lived with half-life 594 (95% CrI: 551 to 645) days. CrI, credible interval; CSP, circumsporozoite protein.

White et al. BMC Medicine 2014 12:117   doi:10.1186/s12916-014-0117-2
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