Additional file 1.

Supplementary information. This additional file contains further information on (i) the data collection, (ii) how the locations of study participants were derived from the data, and (iii) how the individual schedules of students and teachers were reconstructed. The file further provides supplementary analyses which are not included in the main document. In particular, it contains figures that show (i) how well the five indicators define subpopulations according to a third benchmark (the average time to the onset of symptoms), (ii) how sensitive the outcome of the degree indicator reacts to various contact duration cut-offs, (iii) how predictive the role of an individual is for the likelihood and timing of infection, (iv) what the relationship between the five indicators is, and (v) how well the collocation indicator captures the number of infections that are induced by a certain index case.

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Smieszek and Salathé BMC Medicine 2013 11:35   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-35