Additional file 6: Figure S3.

Secretion profile of MSC trophic factors. BM-MSCs secreted the highest concentrations of VEGF-A and HGF, followed by LIF, Angiopoietin-1, bFGF and NGFB (n = 11) (A). Correlation analyses of the secreted factors to markers potentially defining MSC subpopulations revealed a significant negative correlation for HGF secretion to the expression of CD71, CD140b and Galectin 1 (n = 11 except for Galectin 1 (n = 9)) (B); no positive correlation of the tested markers to the secretion of trophic factors was identified. Neither donor age nor gender affected the secretion of trophic factors (C, D); no correlation of the marker expression to the Angiopoietin-1 “(non-)secretor” status of the MSCs was identified (n = 11) (E, F). Lower detection limits (Luminex® and ELISA): NGF-b: 3.9 pg/ml; LIF: 2.5 pg/ml; FGF-b: 13.2 pg/ml; VEGF-A: 11.2 pg/ml; HGF: 2.2 pg/ml; Angiopoietin-1: 3.45 pg/ml; BMP4: 1.04 pg/ml. ANOVA analysis of variance followed by Tukey`s Multiple Comparison Test, Two-tailed Student’s t-test and Spearman two-tailed correlation test (*P <0.05; **P <0.01; ***P <0.001). Error bars: SD.

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Siegel et al. BMC Medicine 2013 11:146   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-146