Figure 3.

Zebra striping in a fully mature corn plant grown on Moloka'I, Hawaii in winter 2011. All of the adult leaves were marked by crosswise normal dark green and chlorotic (yellow green) bands. It takes about 10 days for an adult leaf to develop, and pairs of green and yellow-green bands are inferred to represent a 24-hour period of leaf development. Without further tests it is not possible to pinpoint whether normal chloroplast development or stability is heat or cold sensitive. Ambient day temperatures were 23 to 27°C, just slightly elevated over night temperatures of 17 to 21°C. Zebra striping is highly persistent in maize because zones of poor differentiation are not repaired during growth at the permissive temperature. Photograph courtesy of Tim Kelliher, Stanford University.

Walbot BMC Biology 2011 9:79   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-79
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