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How plants cope with temperature stress

Virginia Walbot

Author affiliations

Department of Biology MC5020, 385 Serra Mall, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305-5020, USA

Citation and License

BMC Biology 2011, 9:79  doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-79

Published: 17 November 2011


A cold night can follow a hot day, and because they cannot move, plants subjected to such temperature fluctuations must acclimate on the basis mainly of pre-existing proteins. Zhang et al. report in a paper in BMC Plant Biology, however, that heat-induced cell death results from transcriptional activation of a kinase related to disease resistance factors and leading to a localized hypersensitive response. This specialized response reflects the failure of adaptations that normally enable plants to survive over a remarkable temperature range, by mechanisms that are not fully understood.

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