Figure 7.

Different onset times of Notch activity and monitoring of embryos electroporated with pCAG-VNP and pCAG-CherryNLS. (A) Chart showing the distribution of Notch activation events in different cell lineages, indicating a wide-range of times for the onset of Notch activity during the cell cycle: 27 h to 1 h before mitosis (24 lineages), 4 h to 12 h after mitosis in only one daughter cell (10 lineages), and 6 h and 13 h after mitosis in the two daughter cells (1 lineage). Note that the sum of the number of lineages represented in the chart (35) is larger than the number of cell lineages analysed in this study (30 lineages). This is due to analysing as two separate lineages the same cellular lineage in which two mitotic events could be observed. (B) Neural tube of embryos transfected with pCAG-VNP and pCAG-CherryNLS and imaged in a wide-field microscope. An increase in VNP expression is detected soon after transfection followed by a rapid decrease of fluorescence intensity indicative of plasmid loss. In contrast, CherryNLS expression increases after transfection and persists for a longer period due to its lower instability. Images are from maximum intensity projections. (B') Chart showing the fluorescence intensities of a typical cell lineage in embryos electroporated with pCAG-VNP and pCAG-CherryNLS.

Vilas-Boas et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:58   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-58
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