Figure 6.

The autosomal and the X-linked tissue-biased genes show different patterns of chromatin modifications. The frequencies of binding targets for the proteins indicated at the bottom were calculated among the X-linked (orange) and autosomal (blue) tissue-biased genes. The sets of genes showing at least two-fold expression bias toward the indicated tissues (such as testis, midgut, accessory gland, salivary gland, malpigian tubule, and ovary) were generated from the genome-wide expression data [24]. Protein binding genes were defined using chromatin immunoprecipitation and DamID data [29,30] with arbitrarily set thresholds. Bars show relative increase or decrease in binding target frequency within analyzed gene sets as compared to the entire genome.

Mikhaylova and Nurminsky BMC Biology 2011 9:29   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-29
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