Figure 2.

Protein-protein interaction of Evc and Evc2. (a). Directed yeast two-hybrid assay. For each construct, the portion of Evc and Evc2 coding sequence expressed is depicted. Predicted coiled-coil regions are indicated by black boxes. Negative controls (empty vectors pGBKT7 and pGADT7) and positive controls (p53 and Large-T antigen) were included. + indicates colony growth/interaction, - indicates no colony growth/lack of interaction. (b). FLAG-tagged Evc is immunoprecipitated by Myc-tagged Evc2 but not by the Myc epitope alone. Myc-tagged Evc2 is immunoprecipitated by FLAG-tagged Evc but not by the Flag epitope alone. A non-specific band corresponding to the IgG heavy chain (HC) is indicated.

Blair et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:14   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-14
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