Figure 4.

Electron micrographs of the internal body of loriciferans from the deep hypersaline anoxic L'Atalante basin. Illustrated are: (a) a hydrogenosome-like organelle; (b) hydrogenosome-like organelle with evidence of the marginal plate; (c) a field of hydrogenosome-like organelles; (d) the proximity between a possible endosymbiotic prokaryote and hydrogenosome-like organelles; (e-f) the presence of possible endosymbiotic prokaryotes; H = Hydrogenosome-like organelles, P = possible endosymbiotic prokaryotes, m = marginal plate. Scale bars, 0.2 μm.

Danovaro et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:30   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-30
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