Figure 2.

Genomic map of the Chicken MHC - B complex after Shiina et al. [20] compared to two sequence zebra finch Class I clones. While KIFC and MHC Class I were identified in a single BAC, no orthologs of the intervening chicken genes were found in zebra finch. An MHC Class I gene was not found in the TAP containing zebra finch clone despite the proximity of these genes in the chicken MHC. Following the chicken naming scheme, class I MHC genes in chicken are denoted BF1 and BF1, and class IIB genes are denoted BLB1 and BLB2. Genes targeted in the BAC screening are marked with arrows.

Balakrishnan et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:29   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-29
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