Figure 1.

The insulin-signalling mutant daf-2(m41) has a distinctive metabolic profile. In this experiment m41 and N2 wild-type worms were initially raised at 15°C, transferred to 22.5°C at L4, and assayed at 240 hours post-bleaching. A. PCA (above) on the binned spectra shows that daf-2(m41) are clearly separable from N2 along PC1 (Means and 95% CI are given by ellipses); cluster analysis (below) separates the samples into two groups, one predominantly wild-type (8/9), the other predominantly m41 (10/13). The first three PCs respectively account for 50, 11 and 7% of the variance. B. Heatmap (middle) showing the standardized relative concentration of 34 bins out of 179 with a substantial (>0.1 and <-0.1) loading on PC1, their loads (below) and position on the +1H NMR spectrum (above). The spectrum is the median of five N2 samples; intensities >5.0 ppm are scaled by a factor of 10.

Fuchs et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:14   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-14
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