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Additional Figure 2. ChIP-seq validation by ChIP-qPCR. (a) Expression level of FLAG-Klf5 stable clone pools used to prepare chromatin for ChIP-seq experiment. Western blot was stained with an anti-FLAG and anti-Klf5. (b) List of peaks validated by ChIP-qPCR. Peaks with different numbers of tags were chosen. Peak location are indicated (chr, chromosome). (c) ChIP-seq validation was performed by ChIP-qPCR using anti-FLAG antibody and IgG, as control, with extracts derived from FLAG-Klf5 and Mock transfected ESCs. The data are expressed as the amount of precipitated DNA calculated relative to the total input chromatin. Samples from 1 to 15 correspond to regions close to the following genes: Agap1, Lamc2, Fcgr3, 170009P17Rik, Tgfβ2, Smx16, Nlgn1, Epha2 (upstream region), Epha2 (downstream region), Igfbp7, Serpine1, Cyp2s1, 4930467E23Rik, AC152164, Inpp4b, respectively. Three different control regions were chosen (samples 16, 17 and 18): chr1:10573933-10573984, chr1:71481391-71481461, chr3:12034661-12034625, respectively, where no significant peaks were found. Bars represent SD of triplicates.

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Parisi et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:128   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-128