Figure 1.

Same life form, same history? Giant lobelioids (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae) from the Hawaiian Islands (a) have been suggested to have converged into the giant life form independently from the giant lobelias of Africa (b), in much the same way as the silversword alliance of Hawaii (c) and the giant senecios of Africa (d) in family Asteraceae. [Credits: a, Lobelia gloria-montis by Frederick R. Warshauer; b, Lobelia rhynchopetalum by Christian Puff; c, Argyroxiphium sandwicense by Gerald D. Carr; d, Dendrosenecio keniodendron, from webcite].

Antonelli BMC Biology 2009 7:82   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-82
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