Figure 4.

Histidine and subcellular pH. (a) Predicted ΔpKa per histidine imidazole, averaged over histidines in each subcellular location, is plotted against subcellular pH. The line of best fit is drawn (R2 = 0.92). (b) For each subcellular compartment, the average of calculated ΔpKa per histidine is shown, and the 5% and 95% ranked values for ΔpKa in each compartment. LYS, lysosome; VAC, vacuole; GOL, golgi; ER, endoplasmic reticulum; CYT, cytoplasm; MIT, mitochondrion; NUC, nucleus; PER, peroxisome.

Chan and Warwicker BMC Biology 2009 7:69   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-69
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