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Ectopic Crb disrupts cell morphology and induces JNK-dependent apoptosis and proliferation. eyFLP-induced MARCM clones (green). Grey scale is Elav (A, C, E), phalloidin to mark F-actin (B, D) and BrdU (F). A white bar marks the location of the MF. (A-B) FRT82B crb11A22. crb mutant clones show no defects in the pattern of differentiation in the eye disc (A) and no alterations to the normal columnar epithelial cell morphology (B). (C, D) UAS-crbwt2e; FRT82B. Crb-expressing clones are under-represented relative to the surrounding non-clonal tissue and mildly disrupt the normal pattern of photoreceptor differentiation (C) and the normal columnar cell morphology resulting in cells being excluded from the epithelium (D). (E, F) UAS-crbwt2e; FRT82B UAS-bskDN. Co-expression of BskDN with Crb disrupts the normal pattern of differentiation (E), and results in large clones of mutant cells that ectopically proliferate posterior to the MF (F).

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Leong et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:62   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-62