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scrib mutant cells are eliminated by JNK-dependent apoptosis. eyFLP-induced MARCM clones expressing mCD8-GFP (green). TUNEL detection marks apoptotic cells (grey scale in A-C, red in G), and β-Gal detects msn-lacZ enhancer trap activity (grey scale in D-G). A white bar indicates the location of the MF. (A) FRT82B. In control mosaic eye discs, TUNEL positive cells are most prominently observed in the eye disc just posterior and anterior of the MF. (B) FRT82B scrib1. In scrib mutant mosaic eye discs, the normal pattern of cell death is largely disrupted and TUNEL positive cells are observed both within (arrow) and surrounding (arrowhead) the GFP positive mutant clones. (C) FRT82B scrib1 UAS-bskDN. scrib mutant clones expressing BskDN contain very few TUNEL positive cells, although dying cells are still observed in wild-type tissue adjacent to the mutant tissue (arrow). (D) msn06946 FRT82B. Control mosaic eye discs show low-level expression of msn-lacZ posterior to the MF. (E) msn06946 FRT82B scrib1. In scrib mutant clones, msn-lacZ is ectopically expressed in some patches of mutant tissue (arrow) and in some wild type cells bordering the mutant clones. (F) msn06946 FRT82B scrib1 UAS-bskDN. Expressing BskDN in scrib mutant clones completely abrogates the activation of msn-lacZ in the mutant clones, although msn-lacZ expressing cells are still sometimes observed in the wild-type tissue adjacent to the mutant tissue (arrow). (G) msn06946 FRT82B scrib1. In scrib mutant clones, TUNEL positive and msn-lacZ positive cells do not generally overlap, although occasional cells (arrow) express both markers.

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Leong et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:62   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-62