Figure 2.

scrib crb double mutant cells show similar defects to scrib mutant cells. eyFLP-induced MARCM clones (green) shown in planar and cross section. Grey scale is Elav (A, B, E-G), BrdU (C, D) and CycE (H). Phalloidin marks F-actin in red (A, B, E-H). A white bar indicates the location of the MF. (A, B) FRT82B crb11A22 scrib1. scrib crb double mutant clones are small, and under-represented relative to surrounding non-clonal tissue in both apical and basal sections of the eye/antennal disc. (C, D) UAS-P35; FRT82B crb11A22 scrib1. scrib crb double mutant clones expressing the caspase inhibitor P35 are considerably larger than (A), with most mutant tissue being extruded basally and showing ectopic proliferation. (E-H) FRT82B crb11A22 scrib1 UAS-bskDN. The expression of BskDN in scrib crb double mutant clones results in large clones with altered cell morphology and many Elav positive nuclei in mutant and adjacent wild type tissue being mislocalized basally within the epithelium (E-G). The mutant cells ectopically express CycE posterior to the MF (H).

Leong et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:62   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-62
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