Figure 1.

Medfly genes expressed specifically during cellularization. Gene expression is shown by WMISH on embryos from a 0–48 h egg collection of wildtype (WT) medflies with gene-specific RNA probes for different stages during embryogenesis: early blastoderm (×1), cellularization (×2), germ band elongation (×3) and germ band retraction (×4). The genes C.c.-slam (Ay), C.c.-sub2_99 (By), C.c.-CG2186 (Cy), C.c.-sry α (Dy), C.c.-sub2_63 (Ey), and C.c.-sub2_65 (Fy) are strongly expressed during cellularization (×2). C.c.-sub2_63 also showed expression during germ band elongation (E3). Gene names used in Schetelig et al. (2007) [9] correspond as follows: sub1_68 = sub1_24 = C.c.-slam; sub1_478 = C.c.-CG2186.

Schetelig et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:4   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-4
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