Figure 6.

bLALBA effects on CfsMCs. (A) CfsMCs exposed to bLALBA or (B) BSA ●0 mg/ml, ○0.2 mg/ml, ▿0.4 mg/ml, □0.8 mg/ml, ▲1.6 mg/ml. (C) Loss of bLALBA activity by heat treatment or pepsin digestion ●1 mg/ml LALBA heat treated, □1 mg/ml BSA, ○1 mg/ml LALBA, ●1 mg/ml LALBA with pepsin digestion. (D) Morphology of CfsMCs exposed to bLALBA shows cells relinquish contact and detach from the substratum after 24 hours causing their rounding (white arrows). (E) After 2 days and (F) 5 days of bLALBA exposure cells exhibited shrinkage, loss of cell membrane integrity and membrane blebbing (black arrows) and accumulation of apoptotic bodies (black arrowheads). (G) CfsMCs exposed to 1 mg/ml BSA after 24 hours (H) 2 days and (I) 5 days. Scale represents 100 μm.

Sharp et al. BMC Biology 2008 6:48   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-6-48
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